Our Portfolio


Our private equity

Our private equity practice focuses on helping technology companies grow with our investment. We help young businesses that don’t have assets or operating history to access traditional financing markets.


Venture + growth

SIG Capitales’ venture-capital practice spans technology sectors and investment stages ranging from seed to growth. We provide financing to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential.



Tools to make your product Market-Fit

Steve Blank defines it as: “The process of customer validation proves that you have found a group of customers and a market that reacts positively […]


How to pivot your startup to be successful?

Have you ever heard the concept “pivoting”? If you know about Lean Startup, agile methodologies or the Business Model Canvas, surely you have heard the […]


SPOT: A Technological Start Up based on AI

An entrepreneurial spirit, having confidence in your project and dedicating all the time necessary to perfect it, these are key factors that can determine the […]


Proud to fund the BT7 Festival 2017

Proud to fund the BT7 Festival 2017 Staring at more than 4000 people gathered in one place and with the same purpose filled us with […]


Technology Investment for El Salvador

Definitely, we need the investment of those who want a better country. It is expected that by 2018 in El Salvador, investments in technology will […]


Meet the Lean Startup methodology

Lean Startup is a methodology developed by several authors that uses different techniques to achieve a single goal: Create viable businesses. That is, create businesses […]

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